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God Of War Fans Quickly Got To Work Decoding Ragnarok's Recent Reveal Trailer

by Liana Ruppert on Sep 23, 2020 at 11:56 AM

During the most recent PlayStation 5 showcase, Santa Monica and Sony revealed our first tease about the now-confirmed God of War sequel centering around Ragnarok. Though the reveal was a simple tease, fans wasted no time in trying to find deeper meanings with the fleeting trailer. 

One fan took to Reddit to share their "obvious" discovery that the runes spell out Ragnarok, and the responding thread was filled with exciting conjectures based off of the screengrab.

Given the relation of Ragnarok's history to the previous God of War's narrative, fans began to wonder if the lore supports that perhaps Kratos himself caused the events at Ragnarok. Bringing in death and destruction to gods and forever changing the history of man, Ragnarok is in a unique position to truly make the story that this franchise is known for even more impactful and gutterally felt.

Redditors also commenting on the thread saying that they think this means Freya will have a much more prominent role in the upcoming God of War game, something that was definitely insinuated in past events.


In God of War, Kratos and Freya became close until he murders her son, Baldur. Seen as a betrayal, Freya then promised that she would get revenge against Kratos himself for her son. Freya is powerful, immensely so, as a goddess. Her vengeance paired with what we know about the Ragnarok lore? This could be a major turning point for not only Freya, but how we see Kratos.

God of War for the PlayStation 4 was helmed by Cory Barlog and breathed a new life into a beloved franchise. With Kratos now firmly rooted in his role as a father, the PS4 exclusive was a massive hit with a thrilling story and unforgiving combat. It was such a success, that fans were immediately clamoring for DLC or to learn of a sequel, and now we know one is on the way and slated for a 2021 launch!

Have any theories on what the next God of War game will have to offer? Shout 'em out loud and proud in the comment section below!

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