Activision Addresses Massive Call Of Duty Account Hack Report, "Not Accurate"

by Liana Ruppert on Sep 22, 2020 at 04:01 PM

A massive report began circulating yesterday regarding an alleged Call of Duty hack that left over 500,000 Activision accounts exposed. Activision responded initially saying how people can protect their account if they are worried, but they are saying the initial reports were "not accurate."

Activision took to Twitter to address player concerns over account vulnerabilities. "Reports suggesting Activision Call of Duty accounts have been compromised are not accurate," reads the publicly posted statement. "We investigate all privacy concerns. As always, we recommend that players take precautions to protect their Activision accounts, as well as any online accounts, at all times."

It continued saying that any changes or updates made to accounts would be reflected in a confirming email. For anyone that may have received an email of change with no changes actually made, it is recommended to make the appropriate changes to established account information, including a change of password. 

We here at Game Informer saw the reports yesterday and did not receive word back from Activision before the company's statement went live. It was because of that, and the missing trail of proof, that we opted not to cover this story when it first went viral. Now with official acknowledgment from Activision, players can make the appropriate steps needed moving forward. 

If you found that your account has been tampered with, please feel free to drop a comment in the section below and don't forget to change your information ASAP if you haven't already. 

[Source: Twitter]

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