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The Last of Us Part II Meets Studio Ghibli – Fanart

by Liana Ruppert on Sep 14, 2020 at 12:46 PM

Studio Ghibli revolutionalised an incredible art style, so much so that it often provides a means for artists to reimagine some of their favorite games in this stunning anime universe. With The Last of Us Part II out now, one artist decided to pay tribute to both the sequel and the original game by putting that Ghibli spin on some of our favorite characters. She even created one with Joel, which is great for those still a little salty about the sequel. 

The latest Last of Us nod comes from Korean artist Mincho with her recreating a few key characters from the Naughty Dog franchise in the beloved Ghibili stylization. From Joel and his daughter from the first game to Abby showing off those guns once more (and her pistol), this crossover is perfect for those that aren't quite done gushing about the amazing world created by the folks over at Naughty Dog. 

Seeing a younger Ellie is also equally beautiful and heartbreaking. Her journey with Joel was one that definitely hit the feels the hardest, a tale fans followed into the sequel with fear that happy endings weren't likely. 

Mincho's Ghibli-fied Ellie shows the hardships that this character endured, but in a way that still maintains a level of innocence that we've all wanted to protect throughout this series' progression: 

This artist also included Dina in her work as well, Ellie's love interest in the second game. While these two lovers were anything but perfect, the storyline for the pair was relatable to many and showed a new layer of bleakness to a zombie-filled apocalypse that is often overlooked. 

And then there is Abby: the character that divided a community and one that wasn't as clear cut as many originally thought. The Last of Us Part II had players assume both the role of Ellie and Abby throughout the sequel, a perspective shift that felt entirely gutteral when trying to decide who exactly the bad guy is here. 

Mincho's dedication to both Studio Ghibli and The Last of Us is a stunning tribute to how much this franchise means to many. Though the journey may be over, for now, the love we have for these characters lives on, and in new ways thanks to the power of passionate fanart. 

What are your thoughts on The Last of Us meshing with Studio Ghibli with this fanart? What other series would you like to see mashup with the tragic world from Naughty Dog? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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