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Nintendo Announces Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

by Jeff Cork on Sep 03, 2020 at 08:24 AM

Nintendo announced a new limited-edition portable today, to commemorate Super Mario's 35th anniversary. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. packs three games into a retro shell that's sure to put a smile on the wrinkled faces of old-school fans.

The handheld, which is styled after the LCD Game & Watch devices from the '80s, includes the original Super Mario Bros. game, Super Mario Bros. 2/The Lost Levels, and a reimagining of the classic Game & Watch game Ball – with a Mario twist (take a seat, Mr. Game & Watch, it's Mario's time to shine). In addition, the handheld functions as a clock, with several dozen Mario-themed animations marking the passage of time. The full-color system has a built in lithium ion battery that has an estimated battery life of 8 hours.

It's coming out November 13, and preorder details will be available shortly on the official site.