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Persona 4 Golden Gets First Patch On PC

by Kimberley Wallace on Sep 02, 2020 at 01:12 PM

Back in June, gamers finally got a chance to play Atlus' revered Persona 4 Golden on PC. Today, the first patch was released, resolving various performance issues. 

The fixes include a new lower playback mode for cutscenes to include smoother play on older machines and also resolve a known progression issue when enterting Yukiko's Castle. You also shouldn't experience crashes when removing your Xbox One controller. 

If crashes and bugs detered your enthusiasm for the game, you should download the new 1.1 patch and head back into the adventure. We bet Nanako misses you and is just itching for a trip to Junes. And you probably should just get the latest patch to ensure you have the best experience possible. 

 Below is a complete list of everything the new patch resolves:

  • Fixes to video quizzes
  • Fixes to cutscene playback, including a lower playback mode for smoother play on older machines.
  • Soft locks occurring around Personamations
  • Random crashes reported
  • Crashes related to removing Xbox One controllers
  • A hang issue that occurs during Midnight Trivia Quiz
  • Blank items in inventory causing crashes and freezes.
  • Please note that if you are experiencing this issue, your old saves will retain the blank item, so it is suggested that you generate new saves and avoid old saves with blank items.
  • An audio issue related the audio setting during Yosuke's Calvary Attack.
  • A progression issue that occurs when entering Yukiko's castle.
  • Addresses a known issue where Quest 3 could not be completed by some players.
  • Optimized cutscene movies for better playback that was causing stuttering.
  • When using high resolution monitors, resolved an issue where the Windows 10 resolution scaling was being applied.
  • Fixed a freeze issue when equipping a blank item in “Equip > Clothes”.
  • If you have a blank item in the Clothes menu, please be sure to remove it as these blank items can be still in your currently saved game data. Equipping blank items can trigger various freeze issues in other locations.
  • Resolved a soft lock that could occur after an All-Out-Attack.

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