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Grounded Gets A Bird In Latest Update

by Jeff Cork on Aug 26, 2020 at 01:54 PM

Grounded players have been learning that the backyard can be a perilous place, particularly if you've been shrunken down. At that micro scale, spiders, ants, and even ladybugs can be formidable foes. Today, Obsidian has added a new visitor to the game that's sure to make things a little more complicated: the bird.

More specifically, it's a crow, aka The Best Bird. Players can use its feathers to craft new items, including a new outfit. The update also adds new missions, decorative options, and more. But really, just the appearance of the crow is more than enough. Hopefully, it has an appetite for spiders...

Grounded is available on Xbox One via Game Preview and on Steam Early Access. Check out our hub page on the game for loads of behind-the-scenes info from the developers and exclusive video content.

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