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The Xbox Series X Dashboard Looks A Lot Like The Old One

by Joe Juba on Aug 19, 2020 at 03:02 PM

Today Microsoft posted some details about what it calls "Xbox experience," explaining a bit about how users will interact with their Xbox Series X and the improvements on the way. 

It isn't dense with new info, but some of the takeaways include increased loading speed for the home screen, along with a unified design across console, PC, and mobile. However, the most interesting part of the accompanying video (which you can watch above), is our first good look at the Xbox Series X dashboard. 

It doesn't appear much different, but that seems to be a deliberate move on Microsoft's part to maintain consistency across its platforms and not set up clear divisions between generations. The upcoming updates won't all be launching at the same time, either; Microsoft says it will "begin to roll them out in the coming weeks." 

[Source: Xbox Wire]

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