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Jurassic World Evolution Has Some Of The Coolest Mods

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 16, 2020 at 02:18 PM

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Jurassic World Evolution's PC community has taken on the role of John Hammond to bring extinct dinosaurs species back to the world. Some modders are also playing the role of Dr. Henry Wu to create new dinosaur hybrids (like the wild Ultimasaurus pictured above by modder MrTroodon1).

In the two years since launch, Jurassic World Evolution has developed a nice modding scene with fans exploring a variety of ideas, from park upgrades and foliage to dinosaur skins and hybrids.

Nexus Mods has done a fine job of collecting and curating the fan-made content. Below is a gallery of some of the coolest fan-made creations that I stumbled up:


(Mods pictured by Harlequinzeg0, DigitalDuckModeling, NanoLancensis, ZOOtyvoon4, SiakaD, Demansia, CommanderBlush, Cyborgxeno, NanoLancensis, and DrZygard)

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