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Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Superhot: Mind Control Delete Coming Next Week, Free If You Bought The Original

by Brian Shea on Jul 09, 2020 at 12:53 PM

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Superhot delivered a unique twist on the first-person shooter when it originally launched in 2016, making it so that when you stood still, everything else in the world did as well. The formula led to a new, more tactical way to approach shootouts, with the cherry on top being the intriguing lore found in the world of Superhot. While players could expand the experience in virtual reality through Superhot VR, an all-new title called Superhot: Mind Control Delete has been announced, and best of all, those who buy the original Superhot before the new title's release get the game for free.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete began development three years ago as a free expansion to Superhot, but the scope of the game quickly expanded to become larger than that of the original. What started out as a rogue-lite experience quickly turned into something else entirely. Mind Control Delete features similar gameplay to the original, but the levels are far less linear. This entry adds new enemy types, weapons, abilities, and power-ups. According to a PlayStation Blog post from co-director Cezary Skorupka, it features a, "'non-existent' story that is waiting for you to explore and experience rather than being rammed at you in high-speed like in the original Superhot."

According to Skorupka, every time the team tried to add new features and implement new ideas, it felt like it set the project back. Superhot Team went back to the drawing board multiple times, rewriting the story, redoing the upgrade system, changing the U.I., and removing things like rotating challenges, boss fight arenas, a progression-based in-game currency, and even a fake internet app. After several years of fine-tuning Mind Control Delete, the team feels as though it has something special. The finished project, according to Skorupka, will take dozens of hours to complete.

Those who purchased the original Superhot (or buy it prior to July 16), can get Superhot: Mind Control Delete for free. Those who purchased it on PS4 will find Mind Control Delete automatically added to their games library at launch. Those who bought it on Xbox One should be on the lookout for a system message around Mind Control Delete's launch with a voucher for the new title. If you purchased the game on any other platform, you can email your receipt to to receive a DRM-free copy of Mind Control Delete for PC, Mac, or Linux. It's important to note that this offer only applies to those who purchase the game (giveaways or vouchers do not count) prior to July 16, so if you want to take advantage of the deal, you need to buy the original Superhot on your platform of choice before then.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete hits July 16 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux. 

[Source: Superhot on YouTube, PlayStation Blog]

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