Elite Dragon Weapons Come To Valorant This Week

by Daniel Tack on Jul 08, 2020 at 01:00 PM

Valorant's weapon skin arsenal already includes flashy colors, special animations, and more. Starting this weekend, things are about to heat up on that front quite a bit with the addition of the elderflame collection. A trailer highlights a lot of what you can expect to see, which amounts to a lot of fire, scales, and smoke. These special additions to existing armaments may be cosmetic, but they definitely have a lot of style to them.

The elderflame collection is scheduled to become available in the Valorant shop on 7/10. The price point is around $90 for the full collection based on a tweet from Valorant's revenue lead Joe Lee, but they won't give you an edge in combat - unless you count looking cool.

Watch a sniper rifle puff out a bit of smoke, and other neat weapon alterations in the trailer below!


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