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Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers Is A PS5 And Xbox Series X Launch Title That Will Give Free Next-Gen Upgrades

by Brian Shea on Jun 22, 2020 at 06:17 PM

Update: Square Enix has confirmed that Marvel's Avengers will be a launch title on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and that a free upgrade to these versions will be available to players who buy either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions. Players who do take advantage of this offer will also be able to move their save files as well. The upgrade only works within the same console family (PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, Xbox One to Xbox Series X). Additionally, just as PS5 players can play with PS4 players, Xbox Series X players will be able play with Xbox One players.

However, Crystal Dynamics has not yet confirmed the advantages the Xbox Series X version will have over the Xbox One. Instead, Square Enix says we will learn more about Xbox Series X, PC, and Stadia features at a later time. 

Original Story (6/22/2020 at 5:38 p.m. CT):

Ahead of its War Table presentation scheduled for Wednesday, Crystal Dynamics has detailed how Marvel's Avengers will benefit from the upgrade from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. In addition, the studio revealed that everyone who picks up a digital or physical PlayStation 4 copy will receive a PlayStation 5 upgrade at no additional cost.

Marvel's Avengers

According to a PlayStation Blog post from Crystal Dynamics' chief technology officer, Gary Snethen, the team received PS5 development kits and immediately got to work on a PS5 version. "PS5 greatly lifts the performance and graphics bar for consoles," he said. "The new GPU allows us to increase our texture resolution, push a higher level of detail farther from the player, enhance our ambient occlusion, improve our anisotropic filtering and add a variety of new graphics features such as stachastic screen-space reflections with contact-aware sharpening."

On PlayStation 5, Marvel's Avengers will offer enhanced graphics mode for the highest image quality possible, as well as a high framerate mode that will run at 60 FPS with dynamic 4K resolution. The company is also looking into ways to leverage the new technology of the DualSense controller.

Snethen also touts the high-speed SSD of the PS5 as a major advantage the next-gen hardware provides over the current platforms. "This is a transformative improvement in consoles that will reduce load times down to one or two seconds and enable real-time streaming of massive worlds at ridiculously fast speeds," he said. "Without any optimization work, the loading and streaming of Marvel's Avengers improved by an order of magnitude on the PS5. When optimization is complete, loading content will be nearly instant, allowing players to seamlessly jump into missions anywhere in the game world."

Marvel's Avengers

In addition to offering the free upgrade from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, Crystal Dynamics also announced PS5 players can play online with PS4 players. Marvel's Avengers is set to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on September 4, and will launch alongside PlayStation 5 when the console releases this holiday season. Neither Square Enix or Crystal Dynamics has confirmed an Xbox Series X release.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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