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Check Out Path of Exile's Upcoming Expansion - Harvest

by Daniel Tack on Jun 02, 2020 at 04:00 PM

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Coming this month on June 19, Path of Exile's latest expansion is all about growth. Literally! Players can build up gardens that grow monsters, and then harvest them for all kinds of powerful loot.

Like other leagues, players find the critical league mechanic to interact with the instanced garden in each area and/or map, seed caches that allow them to travel to their own Sacred Grove, complete with pipes that route color-coded energy to plants. Check out the trailer below for a solid high-level look at what's coming.

Players have plenty of seeds to pick from, both big and small, common and rare, and can handcraft deadly monsters by selecting the right seeds. Seeds grow over time, and as you visit your garden from area to area, you can watch your little buds turn into potential loot caches - but be careful, these blooms bite back!

After harvesting your plants, they turn into monsters. If you're interesting in careful, safe farming, low-tier seeds can provide you with a steady influx of loot. However, you can take on much bigger, rare seeds and plants for shots at incredible loot (with a much higher chance of death!). The Grove also lets you craft items to your specifications, which will allow players a ton of flexible customization that can be hard to achieve without tons of farming or trading in other leagues.

Along with the big new league mechanic, Harvest includes some revamps and special skills for 2-handed weapon users that help bring the weapon class in line with the power level of others. There are new skills and 12 new uniques to discover, along with large retooling of older uniques, making them more useful and desirable for play.

Harvest launches on PC June 19, hitting Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the week of June 22.

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