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Release Dates And Details Announced For Two Major Borderlands 3 Content Updates

by Kimberley Wallace on May 21, 2020 at 04:05 PM

Get ready Vault Hunters! Two big content updates are coming to Borderlands 3 next month, and today's episode of The Borderlands Show gave us our first big looks at both. 

Launching on June 4, Takedown at the Guardian Breach is a new endgame gauntlet that's intended to push your party to its limits, so get on your best gear and make sure you're prepared.  The free update has you traveling to the planet of Minos Prime to uncover the source of a mysterious Guardian signal. The reconnaissance mission features new enemies, low-gravity platforming sections, environmental puzzles, and a deadly miniboss to warm you up for the final big bad. 

Takedown at the Guardian Breach is meant to be taken on by a four-member party but will scale to the number of players you have. Just be prepared for an onslaught of rogue Guardians to give you hell as soon as you touch down. If you survive, the rewards should be even sweeter than the victory, with themed-weapons, gear, and collectible cosmetics. 

Then, just a few weeks later on June 25, comes the game's third paid-campaign, Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption. Here, you're placed in the all-new setting of Gehenna, a harsh desert, which happens to be the home of a vicious gang of bandits called The Devil Riders. These evildoers have been tormenting a small town called Vestige, putting a mighty bounty on their head for you to claim. You'll also want to help fix the damage done by building the town back up to its former glory through story missions and crew challenges. Just be warned: Your actions directly affect Vestige and its denizens as you play. 

An unseen narrator commentates on your adventure as it occurs and you'll meet new characters like Juno, who's a badass brawler with a checkered past and the multi-talented Rose, who wields both a katana and pistol. You also get some a customizable hoverbike and four new interactive objects to aid you on your journey, such as a Traitorweed, which temporarily turns enemies into allies, and the Breezebloom, which boosts you to seemingly out-of-reach areas.  And, yes, there's new loot, especially in the Western-themed weaponry department. 

It looks like there will be a lot of reasons to return to the Borderlands come June. 

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