Harvest Moon: One World Announced For Nintendo Switch

by Daniel Tack on May 12, 2020 at 08:50 AM

Natsume and Rising Star Games have announced the upcoming title in the longstanding Harvest Moon franchise, coming this fall to the Nintendo Switch. Harvest Moon: One World, like other games in the series, is all about building up a farm, hanging out with villagers, and taking on various challenges. The new title features a new engine and graphics.

The story has been hinted at - you find yourself in a world without many of the staples that we enjoy, such as tomatoes, cabbage, and strawberries. Perhaps these delicious farm foods could be discovered through research and adventure, as an old book provides some clues to discovery.

While not much else is known about Harvest Moon: One World right now, I'm interested to see where the farming fun goes when it (hopefully) takes a few new directions in the classic franchise.

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