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Superhot Leaked For Switch

by Imran Khan on Aug 17, 2019 at 05:30 PM

It's hard to pin down a genre for Superhot, the first-person puzzle-melee-shooter action game from developers at the Superhot Team. The game originally released in 2016, with a VR version following not long after, but the intense style and innovative gameplay ideas made the high-concept title a big hit with a lot of fans. It now appears that the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

The news comes, well, courtesy of Nintendo at the very core of it. A dataminer yesterday discovered that an update went out over Nintendo's servers for Superhot, with an ID and an icon and everything. The game has not, or had not, been announced yet.

The day one update being uploaded seems to insinuate that the game will come out fairly soon. Considering Nintendo has an Indie video presentation on Monday, it likely makes sense that the game will be released at or just after the presentation.

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