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Here's What You Can Expect From Red Dead Online's Upcoming Specialist Roles

by Jeff Cork on Aug 02, 2019 at 10:12 AM

Back in May, we spoke with Rockstar about Red Dead Online's future, which included a bit of discussion about its upcoming specialist roles. Today, the company has given more details about what players can expect from these three progression paths, whether you choose to be a bounty hunter, trader, or collector.

These three roles give players a more focused way to engage with the game, which is something that fans have been asking for since it launched. Regardless of which path you take, Rockstar says you can expect your character to find unique benefits and gameplay elements. You're not locked into a specific role, either. You're able to progress through all three branches simultaneously or focus on one, depending on what you feel like doing at any given time.

Bounty Hunters are perhaps the most self-explanatory role. Players earn cash and other rewards by tracking and taking down targets – including your fellow players, if their bounty reaches a certain threshold. If you like to take bounties alive, an unlockable reinforced lasso will make that easier (or, alternately, make it easier to torment your soon-to-be-dead targets before cashing them in). You can also unlock tracking skills like being able to use Eagle-Eye while you're sprinting, or flashy new gun tricks. 

Players who are looking for a more dependable (and safer) way of filling their larders might be interested in the Trader. They're essentially the hunter/trapper class, building their empire through collecting and selling meat, fur, and skins. Do well enough, and your camp can expand into a thriving business, with hunting wagons, weapons lockers, and guard dogs.

Finally, the Collector is perfect for people who like to explore on their own terms, without having to worry about collecting bounties or skinning animals. They're all about finding valuables, using items like a metal detector, improved binoculars, and other new skills. 

Rockstar also says some other changes are coming later this summer, too. Defensive players won't take as much damage, and the game will track your preferred playing style between Defensive or Offensive and automatically launch you into that style when you begin a session. There will also be more objects to loot in the world, including gold teeth from corpses.

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