Make Your Stand In Total War: Three Kingdoms' New Dynasty Mode

by Blake Woog on Aug 01, 2019 at 01:00 PM

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a strategy game about conquering kingdoms and besting the odds. The odds, however, have just shifted with the unveiling of a new Dynasty Mode that pits  three units you control against waves of up to 960 enemy units. 

The free new Dynasty Mode grants players legendary characters with unique abilities and skills to face do the horde. The waves get increasingly stronger and stronger, with every third wave bringing an enemy general to the battlefield to take you down himself. Defeating him grants the player skills to level up in between waves.

Developers Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive designed the new mode in collaboration with Intel to create overwhelming odds; the enemies can number anywhere between 80 and 960 units.

Dynasty Mode can be played solo or in three player online co-op. The new mode releases on August 8 alongside the Eight Princes DLC, and will be a free update for all players. 

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