Discord Dabbles In Organization With Server Folders

by Imran Khan on Jul 25, 2019 at 08:00 PM

Discord, the preeminent gaming chat program, has realized that preeminence has a logistical problem. If you play six games, or have 16 different communities, things can get difficult to manage and it's a problem that only increases until or unless you start doing some fridge cleaning. With the newest update, though, you can start organizing things into categories or levels of how much you care about them.

The new feature allows you to drag any of your server icons into each other to create a folder. You can also change the folder color and name to help differentiate it. If you feel like a particular batch of severs tends to be annoying with useless notifications, you can right click an entire folder and right click everything inside it to mark it as read.

As Discord has become more popular, the company has tended to focus more on things for game developers more than users, a natural consequence of developers simply wanting to use the app for community features more. This is one thing that will definitely help power users a lot more.