Here Are The Horror Movies Supermassive's Developers Think You Should Watch

by Imran Khan on Jul 11, 2019 at 09:05 AM

We recently got a chance to sit down with Supermassive's managing director Pete Samuels and head of marketing James Scalpello to talk a bit about Man of Medan. During the interview, I asked them a bit about their plans for future games, and the two said they were big fans of horror and had 39 sub-genres to choose from for their games. Obviously, to make a horror anthology, you have to be big fans of horror, so I inquired what their recommendations are for horror movies people should watch.

Samuels stopped to consider it a bit, but Scalpello was quick to answer.

"My recommendation is just is an old horror movie, because it's the thing that scares me most. And there are a lot that don't scare me, but for me it's The Shining. I mean, it's nothing new or, you know, innovative in terms of new cinema or something. But for me, The Shining is all would always get me. If I was at home, and the wife and children were out and The Shining's on, I would be watching it. And that's generally the only horror film that kind of gets me, the psychological stuff."

"For my money, it depends what mood I'm in as to which one I like most," Samuels followed up. "Honestly, of recent years, It Follows was one that really affected me. I'm not sure how 'horror' it is, but I'm also looking forward to seeing Midsommar as well."

If you're new to the horror genre, or just curious what big fans of horror movies would recommend, there's two movies that you can add to your list.

Man of Medan releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 30. You can read our newest impressions from the game's online multiplayer mode here.

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