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New Nintendo Switch Lite Coming In September

by Matthew Kato on Jul 10, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Nintendo has announced the Switch Lite, a new Switch that supports handheld mode exclusively. The Lite launches on September 20 for the suggested retail price of $199.99 in three colors: yellow, grey, and turquoise. 

The unit is smaller and lighter than the Switch – the Lite has a 5.5" touchscreen compared to the Switch's 6.2" touchscreen – and the Lite's integrated controls mean there are no detachable Joy-Con controllers. It also lacks the Switch's HD Rumble functionality and IR Motion Camera. The Lite does, however, replace the Switch's left-side control buttons with an actual d-pad. Nintendo is also saying the battery life of the Lite lasts longer than the Switch. The company says you can play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example, an hour longer on the Lite.

Reinforcing the purely handheld nature of the Lite, it does not have a kickstand like the regular Switch, nor does it connect to a TV via video output. Owners can play regular Switch games that support handheld mode. For those that don't, users must wirelessly connect sold-separately controllers. Similarly, Tabletop mode games on the Lite must be played with Joy-Cons connected to the Lite. Compatibility information will be listed on the back of game packaging or in the Nintendo eShop.

The Lite shares the local wireless and online capabilities of the Switch, and up to eight regular Switches and Lites can be linked for multiplayer.


At the time of this writing, Nintendo's website says pre-ordering is coming soon, and at launch a carrying case and screen protector will also be available.

Nintendo has also announced a Pokémon Sword and Shield edition of the Switch Lite for November 8.

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