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Earth Defense Force 5 Hitting PC This Week

by Imran Khan on Jul 08, 2019 at 01:30 PM

Earth Defense Force is one of those series that I get fairly upset with in terms of progression, but can't actually stop playing. I dutifully keep buying every mainline game because they're like the video game equivalent of pixie sticks. This was especially true of Earth Defense Force 5 where, as frustrating as the lack of major changes can be, it is so fun that it is sometimes hard to notice.

While that game had been exclusive to PlayStation 4 since release, the game will hit PC on July 11 according to Destructoid.

The game has a bit more of a narrative than previous titles, starting you out as a new recruit that is simply guarding a military parade, taking you through being a newly trained EDF soldier, to eventually being the hero of the world against the alien menace. EDF5 also adds a lot of enemy variety in terms of alien enemies that are a huge pain and need to be dealt with as soon as you make visual contact.

Publisher D3 has not confirmed this date, though Steam's page simply says "July 2019." As for now, you can pick up EDF5 on PS4, but it seems likely you can also get it on PC in a few days.

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