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Fans Haven't Discovered All The Division 2's Secrets Yet

by Matt Bertz on Jul 06, 2019 at 10:00 AM

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The Division 2 is packed with missions to complete, projects to grind, and world tiers to overcome, but once you clear the checklist and enter the predictable endgame loot grind, the decaying Washington D.C. streets still beckon with their mysteries. 

Intrepid investigators have cracked a lot of The Division 2's secrets already. Several ciphers scattered throughout the world revealed secret Elite Hunters, whose masks you could collect and wear. Clandestine high-end vendor Cassie Mendoza can only be located once you find the Snitch and complete his bounty. Hydden Hotels scattered throughout the city delivered some bonus loot (though some would argue not bonus enough), and several missions ended up having hidden rooms that required some good investigative work and backtracking to reach. However, Ubisoft says the community still hasn't found all the secrets the team placed in the world. 

In a recent conversation with Red Storm creative director Terry Spier, he confirmed that some puzzles still remain. "When I go down the checklist, there's still a couple," he said.

There you have it, Agents. Time to solve the remaining mysteries. 

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