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FIFA 20's Volta Football Brings Back The Spirit Of FIFA Street

by Matthew Kato on Jun 08, 2019 at 09:32 AM

EA Sports has just released the first trailer for FIFA 20 featuring Volta Football, an homage to the old FIFA Street franchise.

The official FIFA website lists different ways to play Volta in the game, including a story based mode, a league (with promotion/relegation), and a journey to build your squad. The size of the sides range from three to five a side with keepers optional, as well as professional Futsal. The size and location of the venues can also change – including those with walls to run or flick the ball off of.

Players can customize their avatar (male or female) from clothes, hairstyles, tattoos, celebrations, and other flair items, some of which will be unlocked by beating various challenges. No word whether Volta has microtransactions.

We should hopefully get our hands on Volta via FIFA 20 this weekend at EA Play.

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