Sea of Thieves Is Coming To Tabletop

by Emma Welch-Murphy on May 31, 2019 at 12:20 PM

The action-adventure game is coming to a role-playing, pirate's life tabletop. Sea of Thieves has teamed up with Mongoose Publishing in order to bring players an experience filled with action, problem-solving, and tales from the sea.

The entire box set will include:

  • Book of Pirates

  • Lord of the Sea Tome

  • Book of Voyages

  • The Sea of Thieves Poster Map

  • Pirate Ledgers Cards

  • Legendary Dice

  • Supply Tokens

  • Weapons Cards and Quest Cards

  • Lord Guardian Sails download for the original video game

The team is excited to announce that some of the challenges players get to face in the game include fighting skeletons, races to buried treasure, and even megalodons and krakens. The Sea of Thieves tabletop is currently up for pre-order with the entire role-playing game, dice set, and even just the ebook. The expected shipping date is October of this year. 

For more on the Sea of Thieves video game, check out Kyle Hilliard's cover.

[Source: Mongoose Publishing]

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