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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Coming To PS4, Steam

by Suriel Vazquez on May 25, 2019 at 05:33 PM

No More Heroes spin-off game Travis Strikes Again is getting a few more jabs at success, as it's currently on its way to PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Announced during the Travis Strikes Again panel at this year's Momocon event, the ports do not have a release date or price, and it's not currently known whether the game's DLC will be making its way over, though it seems likely.

It's unlikely, however, that we'll see any of the in-game T-shirts with Nintendo characters on them, such as the one featuring Majora's Mask. It also won't be as fun recharging your beam katana with the right analog stick, key, or mouse as it is by waggling the Joy-Cons. Maybe the DualShock 4 will support motion-controlled charging?

For more on Travis Strikes Again, you can read our review of the Switch version, and see how it teases a potential No More Heroes 3.

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