Starlink Coming To PC, More Star Fox Content Coming To Switch Soon

by Imran Khan on Apr 24, 2019 at 04:40 PM

It has only been a few weeks since Ubisoft's Starlink team announced that, in light of the game's low sales, they wouldn't be producing any more new toys for the game's toys-to-life lite title. But it's not like Ubisoft to give up on a game when they could keep it alive, so Starlink will still get supported in the future, and we have more of an idea of what that support will look like now.

As was announced at a previous Nintendo Direct, the next Switch-exclusive piece of Starlink content is more Star Fox-related missions, this time centering around a story of Star Fox's teammates pursuing the rest of Star Wolf's team. This is part of the Crimson Moon expansion, which has more than just Star Fox content. You can check out a trailer for that it below.

Crimson Moon as a whole is a free update, including new racing tracks, faction story missions, and a coliseum. There will also be a paid component of pilots, ships, and weapons along with the update. Including the Star Fox part, which is obviously exclusive to Switch, that will cost $11.99 as DLC. The updates arrive on the same day next week on April 30.

In addition, Ubisoft is bringing Starlink to PC. While the game is perfectly playable without the physical toys, if you already own the controller attachment from either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions, that will be compatible with the PC. The PC version will have all the content of the console versions, Star Fox aside, and will also launch on April 30 alongside the Crimson Moon update.

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