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New Nintendo Switch Firmware Lets You Sort Games And Transfer Saves

by Imran Khan on Apr 15, 2019 at 08:45 PM

Nintendo has released a new Nintendo Switch update today, numbering 8.0.0, which adds a couple of new features to the hybrid console. Previous updates added things that run the gamut from digital game sharing to mining Twitter and Facebook friends lists and the 8.0.0 update is a little closer to the latter than the former.

The new firmware update adds game sorting, which lets you organize your home screen by a few categories. You can order games by last played, total play time, alphabetical by title, and publisher, so all Nintendo games would be together, and all Capcom games, etc. 

You can also now move individual game save files over to different Switches. This doesn't copy the data, as it completely erases it from the source system once the transfer is complete, but it does let you move the files over. This is useful in case, say, Nintendo announces a more portable Switch and you want to move individual games over without moving every single title that you might prefer on a TV screen.

Some other smaller things have also been added, like new icons from Splatoon and Yoshi's Crafted World, a universal zoom option for accessibility, a VR mode for Labo VR, and a feature that lets you turn off the Switch waking up from sleep mode when the AC has been disconnected which can prove annoying for people with finicky Switch cables or power sources.

The firmware update is available to download now.