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Destiny 2's Nightfalls To Get More Varied, Drop Rates For Dreaming City Cosmetics Increasing Soon

by Suriel Vazquez on Mar 30, 2019 at 03:21 PM

Bungie will soon be making it easier to get some of the more sought-after rewards required to complete Destiny 2's Triumph seals.

In their latest blog post, the developer announced they would be making certain seals easier to get in two ways. First, they are making changes to how the weekly nightfall strike activity rotates. Every week, three nightfall strikes rotate in for the week. However, many nightfalls would be on the docket for multiple weeks in a row, while others wouldn't show up for weeks. Bungie says that "moving forward," they'll be looking to address the issue, so that the seals associated with specific nightfall strikes would be easier to get.

Second, the drop rates for the ghost, ship, and sparrow cosmetics for the Dreaming City and Last Wish raid will be getting "doubled, tripled, or more for their respective activities," once the game's April 9 update hits. This should make it easier to nab the Dreaming City triumph seal, since one of the requirements is getting some of those items. One Thousand Voices, the exotic fusion rifle that drops from Last Wish will continue to be hard to get, but will have its drop rate increased slightly.

Also in the April 9 updates are increased drop rates for certain lore books, a longer time frame to complete the new "Invitation of the Nine" weekly quest, and more flexible score modifiers for nightfall (which help players earn additional powerful rewards at the cost of making the nightfall strike harder). Weapon frames, the new quest item introduced in the Black Armory expansion, will also be more readily available from Ada-1, who will start offering all kinds of weapon frames when the update hits.

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