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Space Thriller Observation Gets A Release Date And A Haunting New Trailer

by Hunter Wolfe on Mar 25, 2019 at 04:10 PM

No Code's space thriller Observation got a haunting new trailer and a release date today during PlayStation's very first State of Play.

We've seen space station intrigue explored before in video games, but Observation, which launches on May 21, adds a new twist: you aren't on the space station, you are the space station, assuming the role of an artificial intelligence named S.A.M. who helps a lone survivor figure out what happened to her crew. As S.A.M., you'll control the station's systems, cameras, and tools to solve the mystery.

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PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date:
May 21, 2019 (PlayStation 4, PC), 
June 25, 2020 (Xbox One)