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Major Changes Coming To Red Dead Online This Spring

by Jason Guisao on Mar 19, 2019 at 01:25 PM

Red Dead Online is getting a load of features in the coming months. Starting today, players can take part in a new Free Roam Event with its own batch of exclusive items and bonuses. And in the four weeks that follow, Rockstar Games is implementing more Showdown and Racing Modes for those of you that prefer traditional PVP experiences. The game's next major update, however, drops at an undisclosed time this spring. Of importance are the changes to Red Dead Online's Hostility System and "Offensive and Defensive" playing style options.

In lieu of the frustration tethered to griefing in the open world, the Hostility System serves as a definitive countermeasure. Rockstar plans to prevent victims of griefing from accruing Hostility points as well as large bounties while safeguarding themselves. This ties into the new Defensive play style that protects players looking for a less confrontational experience, simply fishing, hunting, and riding their horses in peace. Players that select the Defensive option cannot be lassoed, locked onto by trigger-happy adversaries, or immediately eliminated by headshots. Of course when fired upon, the Hostility System will go into effect, allowing you to exact some much-needed vengeance without any ramifications. 

Extra upcoming features include more A Land of Opportunities missions, dynamic ambushes and rescues in the open world, changes to the character creator, and the introduction of the LeMat Revolver from the first game. While you wait for these exciting updates, watch Leo Vader's 50 Micro-Tips For Red Dead Online so that you can handily survive the harsh American frontier. 

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