Devil May Cry 5’s Live-Action Cutscenes Are Absurd And Amazing

by Kyle Hilliard on Mar 06, 2019 at 10:01 AM

The Deluxe Edition of Devil May Cry 5 (which is $10 more than the standard edition) has a strange bonus in the package that is honestly way more interesting than any of the in-game weapons or additional experience you get at the start. After you beat mission two, you can go into the settings to make it so that when cutscenes occur in the game, it plays live-action, pre-viz versions of the cutscenes, complete with cosplay, cheap special effects, and cardboard. Lots of cardboard. It's weird and goofy and also offers a bit of insight into how an over-the-top Devil May Cry cutscene comes together. You can see a few examples and learn how it all works by watching the video above.

Another strange, but welcome bonus included with the Deluxe Edition, is the option to make the voice announcing the game when you press start (a longtime Capcom tradition) random. You can watch the video below to hear a handful of the potential voices that could greet you at the start of the game.

Devil May Cry 5releases on Friday, March 8 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For your review of Devil May Cry 5, head here.

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