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Report: Apple Considering Game Publishing, Subscription Service

by Imran Khan on Jan 28, 2019 at 05:30 PM

Despite being one of the leading voices when it comes to technology in the world, Apple has historically chosen to distance itself from gaming. The company will happily host games on their app stores, but rumors of consoles or development studios have always fallen flat in reality. According to a new report, however, Apple might have finally decided to dip more than their toes in the water in the form of a subscription gaming service and possibly even publishing deals.

According to a report from tech site Cheddar, five sources have indicated that Apple has been approaching developers about the idea of a subscription plan for games. The idea is to have something similar to Netflix but for games on Apple devices, where you have access to the titles as long as you stay subscribed. Apple has always paid some lip service to games on their platform, even enthusiastically having Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto on stage at one of their conferences, but this would indicate they want to emphasize it as a selling point for their hardware.

Analysts suggest that Apple may be eyeing a subscription service based on the success of things like EA Access, PlayStation Plus, and Microsoft's Game Pass as proven models. 

Additionally, two sources also told Cheddar that Apple is in talks with developers to act as a publisher for their games. With the company's considerable resources, they could make a powerful publisher, but it is likely they will stay in their own lane and merely publish games for their iOS devices.

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