Razer Turret Keyboard Page Shows Mouse And Keyboard Support For Gears 5, Gears Tactics Heading To Xbox One

by Suriel Vazquez on Jan 08, 2019 at 10:44 AM

As part of its slew of announcements at CES this week, Razer fully unveiled its Turret keyboard, which it's working on with Microsoft to bring PC-like controls to the console. In promoting the games you'll be able to sue the keyboard with, Razer also confirmed Gears 5 will be compatible with the setup.

We already knew a number of titles that would be getting mouse and keyboard support as part of the initiative, but Razer's listing most adds Gears 5 and Sea of Thieves to the mix, among others. It also seems to reveal that Gears Tactics, which was previously announced as only coming to Windows 10, will be headed to Xbox One as well (with mouse of keyboard support, of course). We've reached to Microsoft to confirm whether this is the case.

Gears 5 is scheduled to release sometime in 2019

Gears Tactics coming to Xbox One shouldn't be too surprising, but I think playing Gears 5 on a mouse and keyboard could be pretty cool. That said, I'm hoping the initiative eventually allows some sort of "standard" control scheme for something like the Turret that lets it work across all games. Otherwise, getting a keyboard exclusively for Xbox One games seems like a risky investment.

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