Finally, Everything Is Coming To Switch

by Imran Khan on Jan 03, 2019 at 07:15 PM

You've heard it before. "This looks cool, but I wish it was on Switch" or "They should really bring this older game to the Switch." Well, creator David Oreilly and Doublefine are ensuring that Everything is on Switch by bringing Everything to Switch next week.

The digital game was a short and sweet contemplation on the the beginnings and ends of all things and released on PS4 and PC in 2017. Since then, while it has been fun and short-lived fodder for making jokes, there hasn't been much indication that anything else would come from it. The announcement of the Switch version at least indicates it is on someone's mind. 

Check out the reveal trailer below.

Everything launches on the Nintendo Switch on January 10. Check out our review of the 2017 release right here.