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Here Are All Of Red Dead Redemption II's Cheat Codes (So Far)

by Javy Gwaltney on Nov 16, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Red Dead Redemption II has a lot going for it: beautiful story, brutal and gripping combat, fascinating realistic mechanics. Oh, and a bunch of cheat codes. You remember those right? It was before the days of being charged money for "EXP boosts" in games. Anyway, Red Dead Redemption II has a lot of them! Some of them still haven't been unlocked, but here's all of them for now and how you input them.

How To Input Codes

To input cheats, do the following:

Go to settings. Look in the bottom right corner. You'll see the button you need to press to access the cheats menu (Triangle or Y depending on your platform). Press it. You'll come to a screen filled with locked codes. You need to input certain phrases to unlock them. Keep in mind, after you use a cheat, saving becomes disabled as do achievements/trophies.

The Cheats

Here are the phrases you need to enter and their corresponding cheats.

  1. Become instantly drunk: "A fool on command"
  2. Increase wanted level: "You want punishment"
  3. Decrease wanted level: "You want freedom"
  4. Own all outfits: "Vanity. All is vanity"
  5. Create a wagon: "Keep your dreams simple"
  6. Low honor: "You revel in your disgrace, I see" (Complete Chapter 1)
  7. Reset your honor: "Balance. All is balance"
  8. Max honor: "Virtue unearned is not virtue" (You need to complete Banking, The Old American Art)
  9. Get stealthy weapons: "Death is silence"
  10. Dead Eye Level 2 : "Make me better"
  11. Dead Eye Level 3: "I shall be better"
  12. Dead Eye Level 4: "I still seek more"
  13. Dead Eye Level 5: "I seek and I find"
  14. Increase horse whistle range: "Better than my dog"
  15. Obtain standard weapons: "A simple life, a beautiful death"
  16. Create a horse race: "Run!Run!Run!"
  17. Increase horse bond: "My kingdom is a horse"
  18. Health + Stamina + Dead Eye are full: "You flourish before you die"
  19. Health+ Stamina+ Dead Eye are fortified: "You seek more than the world offers" (You need to own New Hanover Gazette No.36)
  20. Infinite Ammo: "Abundance is desire" (You need to own New Hanover Gazette No. 27)
  21. Heavy Ammo: "Greed is American Virtue" (You need to own Saint Denis Times No. 46)
  22. Get $500: "Greed is now a virtue"
  23. Learn all recipes: "Eat of knowledge"
  24. Infinite stamina: "The lucky be strong evermore" (You need to own Blackwater Ledger No.68)

When further codes are discovered, we'll update our list.

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