Gris Has A Release Date And New Gameplay Trailer

by Jill Grodt on Nov 07, 2018 at 12:30 PM

Gris, one of our favorite Indie titles at PAX West 2018 for its beautiful art style and emotional tone, has a release date. The game's developer, Nomada Studio, took to Twitter to reveal the game is coming out on December 13 for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

The studio also unveiled a brand-new gameplay trailer to celebrate. It showcases a barren landscape dotted with lamp post-like objects that could have come straight from a Dalí painting. The video may also show off a novel mechanic in one brief scene where the protagonist leaves behind a glimmering likeness after running through a beam of light. 

To learn more about the game, we detailed what we knew about it in a preview here.

[Source: Twitter]

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PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, Mac, iOS
Release Date:
December 13, 2018 (Switch, PC, Mac), 
August 21, 2019 (iOS), 
November 26, 2019 (PlayStation 4)