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Sega's Retro Initiative Close To Bringing Dreamcast Games To Switch

by Imran Khan on Oct 23, 2018 at 02:10 PM

Sega is close to cracking the code, so to speak, on getting Dreamcast games on the Switch. This would allow a number of games from the Dreamcast's library to start making it to Nintendo's hybrid console, possibly similarly to how Neo Geo games release on the system's digital distribution service.

In speaking to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, emulation specialty developer M2's CEO Naoki Horii mentioned that they were close to finalizing plans to bring Dreamcast games to the Switch. The promise is not new, as Sega's recent Sega Ages retro ports were announced alongside a hope to get every Sega game on the Switch. Horii says they're now close to that goal, but aren't quite sure which method they're going to use.

"Depending on whether you are going to emulate or pick up the source code and make it remake, the transplant work will be different," Horii told Famitsu, which was then run through translation software. "I think that Sega chooses for each title there, but since emulation can also increase the number of other games that can be emulated."

What Dreamcast games do you think would be good fits for Switch? With some Sega Ages games getting changes, like classic Sonic getting Sonic Mania's drop-dash, what are some changes for those games you'd want to see?

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