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No New Overwatch Map At Blizzcon, Overwatch World Cup Viewer Coming Soon

by Imran Khan on Oct 23, 2018 at 05:25 PM

In the newest Overwatch developer video, Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan is extremely eager to talk about the newest spectating feature for the Overwatch World Cup, which takes place at Blizzcon soon.

The new spectating mode, which can only be done through at the moment, allows spectators to buzz around the game as a camera and get a lot more information than they might on a stream focusing on a single person, including status effects happening to players. The Overwatch World Cup takes place at Blizzcon starting on November 2, so Blizzard is going into beta on PC soon.

The standard method of streaming the game through Twitch and other services will still be available, so you do not have to use

Kaplan also said that, while new Overwatch map content is being worked on, there won't be a new map announcement at Blizzcon. This would make Blizzcon 2018 the first convention since Overwatch's release without a new map update, having gotten Oasis and Blizzard World in years prior.

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