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Insomniac Caves On Puddlegate, Admits Spider-Man Needs More Puddles

by Imran Khan on Oct 19, 2018 at 06:45 PM

While earlier we found out that today's Spider-Man update includes a new game+ mode and a new difficulty, it also includes some features that were kept out of the update notes. The new update includes some photo mode improvements, like the ability to access photo mode quick, to rotate stickers, and even a few new stickers themselves.

The game's lead UI artist, Gil Doron, showed off the new change in a tweet.

The sticker references a controversy surrounding the release of Spider-Man that we all somehow collectively decided to call Puddlegate. In a pre-release copy leaked out early, fans noticed that there were less puddles in the final version of the game than in the E3 footage. Citing this shot as proof, people called for Insomniac to acknowledge the downgrade. Insomniac explained that they moved some stuff around and it had nothing to with performance issues. I believe at the time I decided not to write about it because it was stupid.

Now, using photo mode, you can add puddles in wherever you want. You can flood New York City in puddles. You can become the greatest Spider-Man villain of all, Puddle-Man.

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