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Former President Barack Obama Does Not Care About Pokémon

by Imran Khan on Oct 17, 2018 at 07:35 PM

I think we can generally agree, regardless of the political divide, that it is important for politicians to be honest. Do they care about what they say they care about? Are they going to do what they say they're going to do? Do they care about Pokémon? Finally, we can at least check off one President from that mental list we've all been keeping for that last answer: president Barack Obama does not care about Pokémon.

In a video with ATTN, the former leader of the free world sat down to counter the biggest excuses for not voting. The very first comment Obama reads is from someone saying they do not care about politics.

"Look, I don't care about Pokémon," he says, "but that doesn't mean it won't keep coming back."

He mispronounces Pokémon, but I feel like that's fair in a sentence where you're telling people you don't care about it. If anything it reinforces that point.

There's a lot of our readers who also do not care about Pokémon, or they care about Pokémon a lot, but they should still research voting all the same. Whether you agree with the people giving the message or not, encouraging voting itself is not a political stance. Earlier today, we posted the article "Gamers Should Be Voting, So Why Aren't We?" which is recommended reading.

What I do not recommend is getting mad at people that encourage voting. That is weird for a number of reasons.