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Analogue Mega Sg

Analogue Announces High-End Sega Genesis For Release Next Year

by Imran Khan on Oct 16, 2018 at 01:55 PM

Earlier this year, Seattle-based technology company Analogue released the Super NT, a recreation of the Super Nintendo that natively played the system's games with digital output and no input lag, a follow-up to their NES version of the same concept. The little console, which was no small feat of engineering with a price tag proportional to that feat's size, presented a hardcore enthusiast's alternative to the official miniconsoles that were all the rage. Now, Analogue is declaring their own end to the hostilities of the 16-bit console wars by announcing their Genesis version of the same template, the Mega Sg.

The mini-Genesis plays games from the U.S. Genesis and Mega Drive natively by just popping in your preferred cart. Once you do, the Mega Sg produces a 1080p signal over HDMI for your TV with minimal input lag that matches how the original Sega Genesis played on your CRT over 20 years ago. After the system's release, Analogue plans to release cartridge adapters that will allow it to play games from other Sega systems, as well.

The idea is that playing these old consoles on modern TVs is near impossible without some degree of input lag, which can spell the difference between making a jump in Sonic the Hedgehog or running off the edge to your death. For the princely sum of $190, same as the Super NT, the Mega Sg offers enthusiasts who want an accurate experience to the original console on modern sets.

It will also support wireless controllers, though the system itself comes with no controllers of any sort. It does, however, come in four color variations when pre-orders become available ahead of its 2019 launch.