Bandai Namco Releases Part One Of Its Soulcalibur Documentary

by Jill Grodt on Oct 08, 2018 at 12:10 PM

Soulcalibur VI releases next week, but right now Bandai Namco is turning up the nostalgia. They shared part one of Soulcalibur VI Swords and Souls: The Rise of Soulcalibur on their YouTube channel this morning. Before getting your hands on the latest entry in the series, Bandai Namco invites you to look back on the making of the series in this multi-part documentary.

Focusing on the earliest days of Soulcalibur, this first part, The Stage of History, initially examines what set this fighting game apart from other games on the market. Bandai Namco’s brand and community adviser, Markman, explains that in his eyes Soulcalibur was “the first true 3D fighting game.” Its unique weapon-based fighting style and fast pace are also cited as reasons for its large fandom and competitive community. Many of the most well-known competitive players make an appearance in the documentary, from Aris to Kayane. Bandai Namco also dives into the game's world-wide appeal and the international rivalry Soulcalibur sparked between France and America. The documentary stresses Soulcalibur II’s popularity and seems ready to make Soulcalibur VI this competitive favorite’s successor.

While this video is only part one of a larger documentary, there is no official news for when the next segment will come out or how many parts there are in the documentary. Bandai Namco has eleven days until Soulcalibur VI’s release, so the are many possibilities.

 Soulcalibur VI is coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19. Bandai Namco announced earlier this year that you can fight as The Witcher’s leading man, Geralt, in Soulcalibur VI - check out the reveal trailer here.

[Source: YouTube]