Valve Changes Artifact Card Name Due To Unintentional Slavery Allusions

by Imran Khan on Sep 28, 2018 at 03:35 PM

Valve has steadily been revealing cards for Artifiact, their Dota 2-based card game and the first Valve-developed game in a number of years. Two days ago, they revealed a card called Crack the Whip, which some interpreted as an unfortunate though very unintentional reference to slavery. It is important to note that there was no mass outrage about the card, but rather a lot of surprise at no one noticing the allusion. Much of the concern was based around how the streaming and playing communities would react to it being played.

Some fans tweeted collar-tugging responses to Valve and some discussion of the card occurred on social media, but there was no organized campaign to change the name of the card. Valve noticed how it came off and announced today that Crack the Whip has been renamed Coordinated Assault and presumably carries the same description.

Valve has not given an other comment other than that the name has been changed. Artifact releases on PC on November 28, with mobile releases coming in 2019.

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