Street Fighter V Adds Clan System And Customizable Stage

by Imran Khan on Sep 19, 2018 at 03:35 PM

Capcom has revealed some upcoming changes to Street Fighter V which should allow players to better customize their online player experience by focusing in on who they want to fight against.

Essentially a clan creator, Street Fighter V's new dojo system allows players to create and find likeminded groups of other people to play against. You can find people who are only looking for casual matches, people looking to only fight shotos, people who like Mega Man X7, whatever. 

Creating or joining a dojo and syncing your account to Capcom's Shadaloo site grants you a Dojo stage to fight on, which can be customized by placing objects in the background. There's a decent variety of initial items, but more customization options get unlocked through various means, mostly through ascending in different dojos.

The dojo update goes live on September 25.

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