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This Tech Demo For Atomic Heart Is A Great Showcase For Ray Tracing Tech

by Suriel Vazquez on Sep 15, 2018 at 02:49 PM

We've been keeping our eye on Atomic Heart since we described is "Soviet BioShock" earlier this year, and it continues to be a impressive mix of both style and tech prowess. Case in point: A recent demo showing off the benefits of ray tracing uses the indie title as its showcase.

Although we've seen plenty of trailers recently showing off ray-traced games, but what sets this demo apart is both how thorough it is and the use of comparison to emphasize the differences between ray-traced and non ray-traced graphics. Throughout the demo (which was first shown off during the Nvidia's Editors Day during Gamescom), the lighting turns RTX on and off, letting us see exactly what changes when the new tech is implemented. Shadows look more (naturally) blurry, and mirrors can actually display the objects they reflect with more accuracy.

It may still be a ways off for most consumers, but there's no doubt that while ray tracing my not directly impact game design, it certainly makes games look better for those who can afford it for now.