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Please Try To Explain What's The Deal With Peachette

by Imran Khan on Sep 14, 2018 at 07:45 PM

In yesterday's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that Wii U launch title New Super Mario Bros. U would be coming to Switch with some small bits of new content. One addition is Toadette, taking the place of blue Toad Buckenberry, and joining as a playable character in the game. You can check her out in the trailer below.

Just kind of thrown in there is the fact that, when Toadette grabs a new crown power up, she becomes Peachette, who resembles the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and has her same floating power.


Does that mean Toadette is Peach? Or Peach used to be a Toad? I went through and checked and, aside from some Mario spin-offs, Toadette and Peach have never interacted. The spin-offs themselves also have people racing and partying alongside their baby selves (which opens a related can of worms), so the rules are already out the window there.

Perhaps more bafflingly, Peachette has dark grey eyes while Peach herself has blue ones.  So I did what any sane person would do: I went to Twitter to get theories for Peachette.

One popular theory appears to be that Toadette is just a body double for Peach.

One theory is that Toadette to Peach power ups are part of the leadership selection process for the Mushroom Kingdom.

Then there's just...the other theories.

So basically, no one has any idea. Do Toads become Mario? When Bowser kidnapped all those Toads in bags in Super Mario Bros., was he trying to grow his own Peach? Is this why Peach changed her name from Princess Toadstool? If Peach got damaged, would she revert to Toadette?

Hit us up with your Toadette theories in the comments below.

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