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Bethesda Confirms Wolfenstein III Will Happen

by Imran Khan on Sep 13, 2018 at 04:20 PM

At E3 this past year, Bethesda and Machine Games announced a new story in the Wolfenstein universe taking place a generation later with BJ's daughters in the lead role. While exciting, this timeskip in the story combined with Wolfenstein's quick drop in price and presumably lower sales numbers left a lot of people concerned whether the series would finish BJ's story, as well. Thankfully, it seems we'll get at least one more ride with the hero of the resistance.

In an interview with U.K. outlet Metro's Game Corner, Bethesda vice president Pete Hines assured Wolfenstein fans that BJ's story is far from over.

"Ultimately," Game Corner asked Hines, "I just want you to guarantee there’ll be a Wolfenstein III, because I want to see how it ends."

"Yeah, sure," Hines answered. "Absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein III. They said on stage that they’re taking a break from the larger story to do this thing. But we all have to see how that ends."

This not only confirms Wolfenstein III, but clears up any confusion on Youngblood, due to release in 2019, and its place as a sequel or a standalone DLC expansion. While the parallels to The Old Blood, the previous standalone DLC, are fairly obvious, Machine Games only vaguely talked around the title at Bethesda's E3 presentation. Now it seems clear that the tale of the Blazkowicz twins is not the last we'll hear of the story.

[Source: Metro Game Corner]


I think taking a small break before diving right back into a full sequel is a good idea. Taking feedback about what worked and what didn't with The New Colossus can only help make for a better game.

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