Project Prelude

Square Enix Reveals New RPG Project Prelude From Former Tales Producer

by Imran Khan on Sep 10, 2018 at 01:10 PM

Square Enix has announced a new console RPG titled Project Prelude ahead of the Tokyo Games Show. While details are sparse, Square did release a teaser trailer giving us a hint of the tone and art style for the new game.

The game is being developed by Project Istolla, a new studio established under Square Enix lead by former Tales producer Hideo Baba. Baba lead the Tales studio at Bandai Namco until 2015's Tales of Zestiria, at which point he left for a new role at Square Enix. There is definitely some degree of 3D Tales in the air of Project Prelude, but the teaser trailer does not indicate how the new title will actually play.

Project Prelude is confirmed for at least PlayStation 4, but it is unknown if it will also come to other platforms.

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