Yoshi Switch To Be Called Crafted World

Switch's Yoshi Title Appears To Be Named Yoshi's Crafted World

by Imran Khan on Sep 06, 2018 at 12:35 PM

At the Switch's first E3 in 2017, Nintendo revealed a co-op Yoshi game for the system in a similar style to the Wii U's Yoshi's Wooly World. The new game was decidedly quite early and did not have a title and was simply referred to as "Yoshi" with a 2018 date.

While a Nintendo Direct was set to air today, Nintendo delayed it late last night due to natural disasters affecting Japan this week resulting in ongoing fatalities. The decision was seemingly cut quite close and some information meant to go live after the Direct aired was not properly removed in time. In this instance, Nintendo's website featured a title listing for "Yoshi's Crafted World." We have confirmed the listing ourselves.

The title makes sense as the first, and thus far only, footage of the game showed Yoshi in an environment of cardboard and other sorts of papercraft versus the thread- and plush-themed Wooly World.

Additionally, googling the new title of the game with quotes lets you check out the Google metadata for other things that were at one point on the same webpage as the words "Yoshi's Crafted World." There is not much of note, but the short description refers to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition that has already been announced and something called a "Super Mario Odyssey: Starter Pack" for $59.99. It is unclear exactly what that is.

Nintendo has not yet given a new date or time for the rescheduled Nintendo Direct.