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Bungie Is Cracking Down On Destiny 2 Players Ranking Up From Multiplayer Match Disconnects

by Suriel Vazquez on Sep 01, 2018 at 12:05 PM

With Destiny 2's competitive playlist offering players the chance to earn an exclusive gun by performing well, it would follow competitors would want to earn that gun by any means necessary, including cheating. Well, Bungie says "no more."

When Destiny 2's Forsaken hits next Tuesday, players who "benefitted from opponent disconnects at a highly abnormal frequency throughout Season 3," will, according to Bungie, find some punishments waiting for them. Depending on the severity of their infraction, Bungie will be remove access to Redrix's Claymore and Redrix's Broadsword, as well as Luna's Howl (the weapons these players were ostensibly hoping to "earn" by cheating using DDOS attacks), or, if the infraction was bad enough, be permanently banned from all Destiny 2 activities, including PvE.

Bungie will be using a newly-updated backend system to double-check cases where these infractions may have occurred, in order to make sure players who are being legitimately getting kicked from matches do not get an accidental ban.

[Source: Bungie]

Hopefully Bungie's improved algorithm gives them the accuracy they need to sift cheaters from people suffering from a legitimate bad connection or server issue, because Destiny 2's matchmaking has been a bit spotty as of late. That said, cheaters deserve every punishment they get, so good riddance to anyone banned for trying to game the system.

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